Evolution L Painting Handle

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The Ferox Evolution is the next leap forward in miniature painting holders. It allows for full support of your brush hand to keep control of fine details without compromising on posture.

The Evo L functions exactly like all the Evolutions do, only better suited for people who like a longer handle or have bigger hands.

The Evolution gives you the option of having 3 different toppers.

The Ergo Tab allows the use of the holder without an arm but still being able to utilize the pinch grip for extra support, it can also be used to rest the hand upon without having the arm in the way.

The Ergo Arc allows you to fully rest your brush hand all the way up and down while you're painting your mini. It is best used for ultimate precision in brush strokes for fine details or sharp lines. It's also very useful to counter shakes and other instabilities of the hand.

The Extended Ergo Arc allows for all the regular Arc can do but for taller minis or the odd job that requires it.

After choosing the color of your Evolution you will then choose one of the above toppers (with the option to choose all three) all of which work with the magnetic puck system that I utilized on my original miniature holders. The pucks allow for 360° rotation with ease and eliminating the need to move your hand or wrist to rotate the miniature. This results in less fatigue for more hours of stress less painting.

The last option you can choose that is new to this product line is a option to customize your Evolution to suit your style and personality. For an small additional fee you will be able to send me the graphic of your choice and I will translate it into a engravable medium and laser it on your holder.

There is no other painting handle on the market that matches the Evolutions style and function.

**This product is hand made, please allow for a 1-2 week lead time**

Product Dimensions ( Approximately )

Evolution Holder

1.5" Mounting diameter
1.75" At the widest point
3.7" High (Without Puck)

Magnetic Pucks

1.5" Diameter
0.4" Thick

Whats all included?

1 x Ferox Evolution L Miniature Holder
3 x Magnetic Miniature Plates
3 x Pieces of generic sticky tac
1 x Ferox Fabrication sticker