Tenaci Painting Handle

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The Ferox Tenaci is a hand turned wooden miniature holder featuring modular magnetic plates for ease of interchanging your painted minis in progress.

Made for the professional at home I designed this painting handle to help with cramps and hand fatigue with the ergonomic shape and size. The hot swappable pucks make painting armies or commission painting effortless with being able to load all your work in progress onto separate pucks awaiting paint when you deem is necessary, painting at YOUR pace.

With 10lbs of holding force the magnet on the bottom will ensure that your holder doesn't fall over with heavy model loaded onto it. Will grip to anything magnetic.

Mini's attach to one of the 5 supplied magnetic plates with sticky tac or your preferred adhesive. (Generic blue tac included)

Hand turned wooden handle
Modular magnetic plates
Ergonomic feel
Ability to attach plates to any metal surface
Hot swapping for painting armies

Each holder is made by hand and is subject to having slightly different dimensions than the product pictured above. Due to being made of wood the grain and appearance may also differ slightly.

**This product is hand made, please allow for a 1-2 week lead time**

Product Dimensions ( Approximately )

Tenaci Holder

1.25" Mounting diameter
1.375" At the widest point
2.75" High (Without Plate)

Magnetic Plates

1.25" Diameter
0.4" Thick

Whats all included?

1 x Ferox Tenaci Miniature Holder
5 x Magnetic Miniature Plates
3 x Pieces of generic sticky tac
1 x Ferox Fabrication sticker