Higher Levels of Comfort

With the Ferox Evolution painting handle comes unrivaled support and comfort. From hobbyists to professionals the Ergo Arc offers you a steady hand when you need it the most.

Unlimited Versatility

With an incredible amount of variations, options and configurations you can build and morph your Evolution to suit any need required

3D Printed Accessories

With a growing library of 3D printed accessories you can go far and beyond any product on the market. With user additions and creations welcomed the possibilities are endless

Heavy Base Magnets

9lb pull force magnets ensure that you can dual wield minis or know with certainty that your handle and work load on it is going to be secured to the dock or metal panels

Hot Swappable Pucks

When working on multiple pieces or painting armies its never been easier to swap back and forth. Paint one color at a time by just popping on a different puck while at the same time offering full 360 degree rotation of your minuature

Modular Attachments

Utilizing a simplistic design, you can switch out your attachments by just threading them on and off. This also ensures that attachments are locked in safe and secure

take your painting to the next level